Cladding materials Litos Fashion Brick

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Unique front surface from Litos Fashion Brick

Фото квадроблок магма мюнхен

New series of bricks

The technology of hyperpressing allows you to create a facing material that is unique in quality and appearance. The new product line Litos Fashion Brick is something new and unique in the field of wall cladding materials. The smooth surface emphasizes the unique color component, the magma is a unique front surface that resembles igneous volcanic rock. By combining two or more colors in the manufacture of Litos Fashion Brick, a unique combination of colors is achieved. Thus, a facing material is obtained for every taste of the most demanding client. Litos Fashion Brick is an opportunity to create a unique silhouette of your home.

Texture Magma

Фотография мюнхен магма кладка

Unique appearance and unique colors

Фото квадроблок Литос магма лондонбрик

Modular cladding installation system

Фото кладка амстердам

Smooth front surface in combination of two colors

Фотография здание кирпич литос фашион брик ситибрик

The combination of not two, as usual, but several colors in one architectural composition

KRAFT texture

The front surface of the Kraft texture from Litos Fashion Brick. Handmade in the manufacture of bricks. Exclusive look.

Фото крафт литос чёрный цвет
Фотография Кирпич Литос фашионбрик крафтовая фактура беж цвет
Фото Кирпич Литос фашионбрик крафтовая фактура Амстердам цвет

Craft brick from Litos. craft brick is a brick made using manual labor. Unique, unusual texture of the front surface in various colors.

Feedback from our clients

Recently my husband and I made an order for Litos Fashion Brick, we really liked the unusual appearance of the bricks. Delivery was made within the time specified when ordering. Thanks to the Litos company for the opportunity to build a house with an exclusive and unique appearance.
Фотография покупательница фашион брик литос
Svetlana Brusnichka
During the construction of the fence, I used Litos products. The fence is ready, while there are no "pitfalls". I was very surprised by the unusual or simply stunning appearance of my fence to all my friends. In general, I recommend.
Фото клиента покупателя Литос кирпича
Nikolai Sitnikov
The family used products from the Litos Fashion Brick brand to clad our house. In general, everyone was satisfied. especially striking is the unusual appearance of our house. Recommend.
Фотография клиентка Литос
Julia Krasikova